Chambers County Improvement District No. 1

Baytown, Texas

Project included the placement of 1200 linear feet of 10" sanitary sewer line & 4000 linear feet of waterline. The utilization of a Lift Station from the gravity line into a discharge force main was necessary for approximately 2800 linear feet until it reached a manhole that ties into an existing Lift Station. The utilities will be used to serve an 16-acre trucking facility in the first phase and are deep enough to serve future development of Chambers County Improvement District No. 1. 

The installation of the utilities required avoiding several obstructions including over 10 pipelines within a 100' pipeline corridor, electrical power poles & drainage structures along the top bank of an existing detention basin, which posed significant challenges in the design phase. The challenges were resolved by proper coordination and follow up with pipeline companies, Centerpoint Energy & District Personnel. 

Though the scope of the project was to provide public utilities for future expansion to serve The District, Landev was also responsible for the design of the privately owned adjacent site. Consequently, the design of the two projects were concurrent with each other and required significant coordination with both clients.