Arnold Road/Normand Drive Roadway Extension

College Station, Texas

BBI completed the Arnold Road/Normand Drive Roadway Extension project for a local developer, Jesse Durden (Caprock Texas) in conjunction with the City of College Station. The project consisted of extending Arnold Road from Farah Drive to the College Station Medical Center and Normand Road from Rock Prairie Road to the proposed Arnold Road extension.

The project scope included the following: proposed vertical and horizontal geometric design, 12” waterline extension, hydrologic and hydraulic design for storm sewer and detention pond improvements, pavement markings and signing, existing parking area and landscaping modifications, and storm water pollution prevention.

Due to an extremely tight schedule, the design plans were completed (from preliminary plan to permit ready) in just over four months. A unique aspect of the project was that the proposed storm drain system was required to outfall across the College Station Utilities laydown yard. In order to meet federally mandated security requirements for electric utility providers, the design team had to secure the storm drain system and outfall channel to ensure that site security would be maintained during construction and throughout system operations.