BBI was selected to provide route design, plan and profile design, cathodic protection support, specifications, permit coordination, right-of-way coordination, traffic control design, pavement restoration, and construction support. Two alternate designs were provided for an existing 18” high pressure suspended crossing in the Southwest corner of the IH 610 Loop. 

The first design was for a 1,200 LF horizontal directional drilling (HDD) under Brays Bayou, 50’ below natural ground.  The HDD rig would be set up within an existing City of Houston (COH) wastewater treatment plant, which included coordination and approval from the COH Legal Department, Land and Right-of-Way Department, Pubic Works Department, as well as the treatment plant management.  The exit point would be within an existing CenterPoint fee strip, 20’ from a synagogue, with the pipe stringing area encompassing an electric transmission right-of-way and entry from a substation.  Coordination and approval with all required parties for the proposed work was completed.  Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) approval was also received.

Due to budgetary requirements, an alternate design was completed to install new reinforced concrete supports to replace the aging wood supports.  To assist with additional HCFCD requirements, which would include additional costs and time, the existing wood support column locations were cleaned out and used.  Two dual 18” concrete columns with concrete caps were used for the two center supports and two single 18” concrete columns were used for the end supports.  The design included specifications for the dual rollers with straps, as requested by the client.  The line was installed and put back in service without any delays.