CenterPoint Electric Transmission

Houston, Texas

CenterPoint Electric Transmission had been replacing towers and poles throughout Houston and typically encountered utility conflicts during installation. In a trial experiment CenterPoint had BBI vacuum excavate the areas of the proposed poles. This revealed that the locations that had already been designed for these proposed poles wouldn’t work.

CenterPoint asked BBI to perform SUE Quality Level B Designation and then SUE Quality Level A Test Holes on any utilities found within a radius of proposed new poles, as advised by their outside engineers. BBI performed Quality Level D Records Research before going to the site and provided the information to the SUE Field Crews who performed Designation and then exposed all utilities in the area of interest by use of vacuum excavation. A plan and profile was completed showing all the utilities and this was sent to the design engineers in the CAD program they use so it would come into their working drawings and reveal any conflicts.

By moving the SUE work into the design phase and having the CenterPoint Engineers work directly with BBI the best locations can be determined the first time, re-design has been all but eliminated and contractor change orders for moving the proposed location due to utilities has been stopped.