CenterPoint Energy BNSF Railroad for Cathodic Mitigation

Houston, Texas


CNP Transmission proposed to install copper cabling adjacent to 12 miles the BNSF Railroad Tracks as a cathodic meditation measure.  It was imperative to know the exact location of the existing utilities to avoid damaging them during construction or causing electrolysis. Records Research was quite complicated due the lack of records or One-Call Data inside the BNSF Right of Way. All location data had to be converted from the Railroad Mile Marker Coordinates into GPS Coordinates so the utility locations could be shown on the construction drawings. The SUE QL-B Designation and SUE QL-A Test Holes were performed without shutting down the track. This required careful planning and response to temporally shut down and move out of the way well before the train arrived. This complicated project involved a great deal of daily planning and data analysis. The final result was a completed construction project without a single utility being damaged.