Cypress Creek/Lakeline Boulevard Intersection

Cedar Park, Texas

As the City of Cedar Park continues to grow at a significant rate the City is challenged with maintaining a quality level of service of the roadways and intersections. The Cypress Creek and Lakeline Boulevard intersection is the highest volume non-TxDOT intersection in the region and was beginning to see failing levels of service. The City hired BBI to prepare a design for the intersection that would achieve the “maximum volume in every direction” as requested by City Council. Traffic modeling and extensive site visits were performed to determine operational improvements and locations of traffic conflicts in an effort to gain the greatest mobility. The ultimate design included adding 10 right turn lanes, including one that was 900 LF and required additional lanes added to an existing bridge, reconstruction of 13 driveways,
relocation of over 4000 LF of sidewalk, realignment and widening of the roadway to accommodate new left turn lanes and raised medians to control driveway access, storm sewer and inlet modifications, water and wastewater relocations and signal modifications.