FM 1488 Utility Coordination and Construction Management

Montgomery, Texas

The BBI Utility Coordination/Construction Management department was awarded a CEI project with TxDOT in Montgomery County. The project, FM 1488 from Mill Creek Road to Mostyn Drive, consists of constructing a railroad grade separation over FM 149 and BNSF Railroad.

The project was let in June of 2013, but BBI was not awarded the project until July of 2015. BBI was brought on as a subconsultant to Entech Civil Engineers, Inc. to take over the utility coordination and utility inspection that was previously being done by TxDOT. The BBI award was a direct result of the project falling so far behind that the contractor had submitted a delay notification that they were pulling off the project and for TxDOT to stop the counting days against them. There were 10 utility companies identified within the corridor, and only two had relocated when BBI took over. The utilities, most of which were running longitudinally along FM 1488, included CenterPoint Electric, LINN Energy Pipeline, Kinder Morgan, Level 3 Communications, Texas Gas, City of Magnolia Force Main, Hughes Natural Gas / Alamo, Comcast, ICTX Wavemedia and AT&T.

BBI’s SUE Department provided both Quality Level B (Designating) and Quality Level A Test Holes to establish the horizontal and vertical positions of utilities. This information was used to determine the real conflicts from the suspected conflicts. We were able to quickly make an impact by focusing on relocating the utilities on certain areas of the project, so the contractor could keep working on the roadway.