FM 2818 Schematic Design

College Station, Texas

FM 2818 Schematic.jpg

BBI developed a geometric design schematic for FM 2818 from Wellborn Road to George Bush Drive. The project scope included conceptual and schematic design as well as data collection, accident and traffic analysis, conceptual design, schematic design, environmental documentation, public involvement, ROW/easement identification, utility coordination, project management, and topographic surveying. The initial scope included the analysis of three design year alternatives, a conceptual schematic for each design year alternative, and the development of the selected alternative through schematic design.

Based on the results of the traffic analysis/conceptual design and meetings with City and TxDOT staff, it was determined the three design year alternatives would not adequately address the growth issues along the project corridor, thus six additional alternatives were analyzed. Based on the traffic analysis and input from the City and TxDOT, a “super street” option was selected and was developed through schematic design.

The limits of the schematic design were also revised to include the area north of the original project limits, to include FM 2818 from George Bush Drive to F&B Road.