Generation Park

Houston, Texas

The Binkley & Barfield Family of Companies has designed over 6 miles of connecting thoroughfares, infrastructure and structural elements for Generation Park, one of the largest master planned commercial developments in the Houston area at 4,000 acres. 

  • Lockwood Road Widening - Lockwood Road has been reconstructed to a four-lane boulevard with median and storm sewer improvements as well as serving as a main entrance to Generation Park. The southern portion of this $11.5 million Harris County Capital Improvement Program project was completed in 2015 with the northern portion currently under design.
  • Lockwood Utilities Project - The Lockwood Utilities Project provides the necessary infrastructure to serve hundreds of acres in the area.  Overhead utilities have been placed in underground duct banks, providing a reliable and aesthetically pleasing power system for Generation Park.
  • West Lake Houston Parkway with Bridge & Subsea Lane - The construction of West Lake Houston Parkway and Subsea Lane Boulevard provides access to the new developments in the area as well as the newly developed pedestrian areas.  These boulevard sections continue the beautification and theme of the Generation Park area.
  • West Lake - West Lake, a 20-acre lake and recreational area at Generation Park, provides a continuous shaded path for walking or jogging with numerous trees, bridges and boardwalks, while at the same time, provides for regional detention. West Lake also features a large waterfall with two adjacent recreational lawns for active use and events. 
  • North Lake Houston Parkway - North Lake Houston Parkway is a 3 ½ mile roadway that has been reconstructed to a four-lane boulevard with a raised median, storm sewer improvements, and linear detention ponds from Beltway 8 to Mesa Road. A shared-use path has also been designed for pedestrians, joggers and bikes.

BBI’s work in the area will dramatically improve traffic flow throughout Generation Park as well as provide unimpeded access to Houston’s major transportation corridors.