Gosling Road Widening

Harris County, Texas


The Harris County Gosling road project consisted of the expansion of a two-lane road to a four-lane road due to the growth of the surrounding area. The project limits were from West Mossy Oaks road heading north to Willow Creek along Gosling road with approximately 5,000 feet of 600 AAC wire main.

The primary objective for the Gosling road widening project was to relocate all CenterPoint Energy poles that were in conflict with the future road pavement. The initial field research would be executed by the designer taking pictures and video to validate that the CenterPoint maps and the Harris County plans were up to date. Exactly 27 pole conflicts were identified including 4 terminal poles, which currently feed two underground distribution loops for the adjacent neighborhoods. 

The new right of way alignment forced CenterPoint Energy poles to be relocated 25 feet from their original location. The distribution line along Gosling is part of Centerpoint's main circuit in the area. In addition to the overhead distribution, communication lines were also attached to the poles. The original order called to top off all poles at communications. A second order was created to remove all topped poles after communication lines were relocated. Tree trimming estimates and sketches were also created to account for any residual overhang that the county did not take care of. 

When the final sketch was completed and sent to CenterPoint, coordination began with survey crews to verify placement of the poles. Any issues that arose would be corrected by the designer. After staking was completed, all survey notes would be returned to the designer to confirm all locations are as the sketch requested. From this point on, CenterPoint would take over the project and only contact the designer if an issue occurred or any changes needed to be made. The final outcome of the project would have a total of 4 sketches, which are the installation, URD, tree trimming, and the topped pole removal.