Govalle Flow Diversion/Linger Lane Lift Station/SAR Transfer Station Decommissioning

Austin, Texas

BBI provided engineering design services for the diversion of flow around the existing diversion structure located at the Old Govalle Wastewater Treatment Plant north of the Colorado River and the decommissioning of the SAR Transfer Station, an old existing lift station, south of the Colorado River. This project includes a detailed bypass plan for the SAR Transfer Station decommissioning. 

The Linger Lane Lift Station portion of the project, north of the Colorado River, was a challenging engineering project as it involved several old existing lines that drain into the existing diversion structure at Govalle WWTP. The diversion structure accepts flow from a 36” gravity line, a 48” gravity line, and a 36” force main from Boggy Creek Lift Station. The diversion structure essentially functions as a detention/
equalization basin as it is located just upstream of two aging siphons that flow under the Colorado River. The diversion structure basically equalizes the flow, surcharging the system, until there is enough head to push the flow through the siphons under the river. However, the surcharging is causing the system to back up for miles upstream into East Austin. BBI designed the new lift station to capture and divert the flow from the 36” and 48” gravity lines. The 36” force main was rerouted around the diversion structure. 

Altogether, the new lift station and rerouting of the 36” force main from Boggy Creek Lift Station allows the diversion structure to be removed. As an alternative, a 30” gravity line may be constructed to divert the flow from the 36” and 48” gravity lines instead of the lift station.