Highland Park ISD Parking & Traffic Assessment

University Park and Highland Park, Texas

Binkley & Barfield provided professional traffic engineering services for the analysis of parking and traffic needs for various Highland Park ISD (HPISD) school sites. These sites include elementary schools, intermediate schools, middle schools and Highland Park High School.

Binkley & Barfield met with school administrators, HPISD staff and volunteers to discuss traffic and pedestrian circulation issues and parking needs for teachers, visitors and volunteers. As a result Binkley & Barfield conducted observations of traffic and pedestrian circulation during the morning (start of school) and afternoon (end of school) periods. Binkley & Barfield also conducted turning movement and pedestrian counts at intersections adjacent to the school properties and performed a Level of Service (LOS) Analysis of these intersections for existing and future conditions using Synchro.

The parking needs for teachers, visitors, volunteers, and ADA parking requirements were analyzed to determine how these circulation needs could be met. The primary option involved adding parking spaces with underground parking. The LOS analysis included various parking garage access options.

Binkley & Barfield then prepared a technical report for each school indicating the existing traffic and pedestrian circulation procedures along with recommendations for improving pedestrian and traffic circulation/safety. The report also included discussion of the LOS analysis and the traffic impact of various underground parking options along with recommendations for the location of the access to/from the underground parking garages.