Houston Country Club - Hole 8 and 10 Bank Stabilization

Houston, Texas

The natural slopes along Buffalo Bayou near Holes 8 and 10 at the Houston Country Club were progressively eroding.  Prior attempts were made by the client to stabilize the slopes using engineered reinforced soil slope (RSS) however the banks continued to fail.  Binkley & Barfield, Inc. was tasked with providing a solution to the bank stabilization of the failing slopes.  The solution included a soldier pier wall system installed along the existing bench of the slope and an adjustment of the upper and lower slopes to meet appropriate factors of safety for the given soil conditions. 

Teaming with a local geotechnical firm a deeper global failure was discovered at the location of the failures. A previously unknown slickenside soil layer was encountered at a depth below previous project borings. Binkley & Barfield, Inc. resolved this problem by extending drill shafts below this layer of weakened soil immobilizing the failure.  This project was unique because the design required consideration of the loss of fairway for the HCC golf course, while maintaining equal cut and fill so as not to affect the flood plain.