IH 45 South Expansion

Galveston County, Texas


The expansion of IH 45 South in Galveston County is currently underway in conjunction with TxDOT, with a goal of expanding the interstate and improving mobility in a region that has seen continuous growth in recent years. BBI is providing utility relocation and inspection (including waterline, communication cable, and gas line), grading, concrete pavement, asphalt stabilized base, cement & lime treated base/subgrade, bridge structures, storm sewer, and detentions. The project began in January of 2017 and includes Utility Coordination, Subsurface Utility Engineering, and Utility Inspection services. Coordination of various entities including Frontier Communications, AT&T, Comcast, CenterPoint Gas, Texas New Mexico Power, and Phonoscope are required for this expansion. BBI is also responsible for reviewing and approving permit applications for the proposed relocation. The project is scheduled to be completed in November of 2020.