Magellan Midstream Utility Designation for Directional Bore of 24-Inch Gas Line

Houston, Texas

Magellan was installing a 24” Gas Line On that would run 11 miles. After hitting CenterPoint Energy’s Fiber Optic Line twice, it was determined that assignment of the existing Fiber Optic Line and the proposed 24” directional bore were only 24” apart. CenterPoint called for BBI’s Subsurface Utility Engineering Department (SUE) to have someone onsite to designate ahead of the directional bore. After just two days, the results of having this active designation was no damage to utilities, substantially increased boring production and renewed confidence in the project engineer that the project could be done. Magellan hired BBI to have a designator onsite whenever their drilling companies were working. This was so successful that Magellan added a second directional boring crew (doubling production). Over the 11 miles, there was no further damage to any utilities.