Village of Kings Lake & Greensbrook Place

Houston, Texas

Landev Engineers has designed over 5,500 linear feet of roadway, public utilities, and drainage infrastructure for over 200 residential lots for Greensbrook Place Sections 4 & 5, and Village of Kings Lake Section 4, in Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 148—one of the larger mixed-use developments. 

  • Village of Kings Lake Section 4 Paving & Grading – Taking their names from famous Kings throughout history, Village of Kings Lake Section 4 is served by 7 local streets and is the final 105-lot section of a master-planned residential community that has been under design for over 10 years. Future residents will be able to access the community from Lockwood Road, or to head northbound to Generation Park, another master planned development designed Landev Engineers, Inc. and the BBI Family of Companies.
  • Village of Kings Lake Section 4 Utilities & Detention Project - The Village of Kings Lake Section 4 Utilities & Detention project provides the necessary infrastructure to serve over 23 acres in the area. Underground storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and waterlines have been designed to serve the community, as well as a 6-acre lake and recreational area providing a continuous jogging path as well as serving as a regional detention facility for the development.
  • Greensbrook Place Sections 4 & 5 Paving and Utilities – Served by an existing 10.5-acre detention facility, the construction of Greensbrook Place Sections 4 & 5 Paving and Utilities provides over 2,000 linear feet of roadway, waterlines, and sanitary sewer lines to serve 101 residential lots. Section 4, the eastern portion of the project, was completed in early 2016. Section 5, the western portion, is currently under construction. Landev Engineers, Inc., is currently in the planning stages for 2 additional sections to the west of the adjacent sections.

Landev Engineers, as part of the Binkley & Barfield Family of Companies’ work in the area, will dramatically improve the demographic of the developing Utility District as well as provide additional hydraulic efficiency to the community’s water distribution system.