Munson Avenue Rehabilitation

College Station, Texas


The Munson Avenue Rehabilitation project for the City of College Station was a capital project to rebuild a 3500 ft. section of this street through a sensitive, 70 year old neighborhood, including replacement of multiple buried utilities.  The prime contractor chosen for this project was Binkley & Barfield, with Joe Orr, Inc. as the project surveyor due to extensive work history in the area and excellent reputation.  The City’s primary goal is to have all aspects of the project, from surveying through construction, be performed with minimal inconvenience to the residents and minimal disturbance to nearby trees.  Before surveying began, a public meeting was held to explain to the residents the project and let them know that utility marks would be the first and that the surveyors would soon follow.  In addition to the meeting, notice cards were distributed in the neighborhood, explaining that that survey crew would sometimes need to park in private driveways and set tripods in lawns.  The two-week topographic portion of the surveying was performed without incident, and no calls of concern were received from residents.