LED Street Lighting Design

Carrollton, Texas

Binkley & Barfield provided traffic design plans, specifications and estimate for the installation of LED street lights along Midway Road in Carrollton, Texas. A considerable effort was made to evaluate various LED lighting fixtures since this type of project had not been complete by the City of Carrollton before.  During the project itt was discovered that some of the street light poles were in possible conflict with the Addison Airport Navigation System. A GPS survey of proposed locations indicating coordinates and elevations was conducted and this information was submitted to the FAA to determine the actual conflicts. The final survey indicated 10 locations were in conflict. These conflicts were resolved by eliminating some street lights and by reducing the pole heights to satisfy a maximum pole height. This approach was approved and the street light poles were installed and are now in operation.  Extensive coordination with Addison Airport and the FAA was required to eliminate potential hazard to the airport navigation system.