Rowe Loop Wastewater Planning and Design

Pflugerville, Texas

BBI performed a study to evaluate the options for improving the wastewater services in the Rowe Lane and SH 130 area. Approximately 150 acres of primarily semi-rural single family was underserved for wastewater and required improvements to meet the increasing commercial and residential needs. The City’s original scope was only focused along Rowe Loop at Rowe Lane. By carefully studying both record information and performing on-site field reconnaissance, BBI was able to devise a plan to not only improve the service in the residential area but also provide wastewater service to the commercial along SH 130 just north of Rowe Lane which are primed for future commercial development – all for the same amount of linear footage and within the same budget that the City originally planned.  BBI also devised a plan to decommission a nearby lift station that will save the City a substantial amount of maintenance costs each year.