Our Right-of-Way (ROW) agents provide superior services, engaging and informing land owners regarding property rights establishing trust, enabling BBI to acquire and clear property expediently. We specialize in pre-acquisition corridor studies and cost estimates; project administration, management, and support; title services; rights of entry services; acquisitions and negotiations; relocation services; litigation support; database management; and real estate licenses and certifications. Our subject matter experts have federal and state regulatory experience as well as Uniform Relocation Act experience.

Our Right-of-Way group continues to validate our position as industry leaders and our clients consistently turn to us to solve their most complex and challenging projects.

ROW services:

Corridor Studies and Cost Estimates

  • Public Involvement

  • Preliminary Ownership Information

  • Route and Site Selection Assistance

  • Preliminary Cost Analysis

  • Survey Permission/Rights of Entry

  • Relocation Assessment


  • Property Surveys

  • Document Preparation

Valuation and Appraisal

  • Conduct Pre-appraisal Contact

  • Appraisals

  • Appraisal Review

  • Supplemental Appraisal Services

  • Dispute Resolution Counseling

  • Expert Testimony

Acquisition & Negotiations

  • Government and Regulatory Compliance

  • Negotiating Offer

  • Phone calls and Meetings with the Landowner or Other Representatives

  • Administrative Settlement

  • Payments for Properties

  • Settlement and Closing

  • Communication Records

Title Services

  • Title Investigation

  • Records Research

  • Title Abstract

  • Title Curative

  • Recording of Legal Instruments

Relocation Services

  • Relocation Planning and Eligibility

  • Relocation Field Services

  • Location Analysis

  • Size Determination

  • Scheduling

  • Payments for Compensation

Litigation Support

  • Condemnation Support

  • Document Preparation

Documentation Management

  • Management of Parcel Files

  • Title Commitments and Title Policies

  • Original Deeds/Executed Deeds

  • Perpetual and Temporary Easements

  • Copies of Survey and Appraisal

  • Copies of Orders/Petitions

  • Certificate of Deposits

  • Final Judgments

  • Other Court Orders Pertaining to Eminent Domain Actions

  • Relocation Information

  • Copies of Closing Documents