San Jacinto River Authority Water Transmission Line

The Woodlands, Texas

As part of the San Jacinto River Authority’s (SJRA) Groundwater Reduction Program (GRP),  BBI performed preliminary engineering, final engineering design, and construction phase services for 11,940 LF of 42-inch and 22,305 LF of 30-inch open cut, augured, tunneled, and aerial water line along Research Forest Drive and Grogans Mill Road. This included a route study for the recommended alignment, preparation of complete contract documents (drawings and specifications), coordination with MUD Engineers for record drawings of their existing utilities, and with various other utility and pipeline companies to prevent conflicts with all existing facilities.  The firm also coordinated with Montgomery County Engineering to prepare in-depth traffic control plans to allow construction within the paved travel lanes.

The surveying services included establishing survey control and complete topographic surveying to support the design of the water line. Right-of-way surveying and mapping were performed to establish the existing rights-of-way of Research Forest Drive and Grogans Mill Road as well as all intersecting streets. Survey exhibits and metes and bounds descriptions were prepared for numerous temporary construction and permanent easements.