SkyBridge Lofts

Austin, Texas

Binkley & Barfield provided civil site design services for The SkyBridge Lofts located in Austin, Texas. The development is devoted to preserving open space by providing natural amenities and creative green spaces.  All 24 unique loft plans are designed as expansive and flexible live/work environments, most of which have their own private garages. Supported by the multi-level fitness center, a group of suspended lofts create a bridge connecting either side of the community. The result feels light and spacious as it ties the community together. The exterior of the SkyBridge Lofts will be comprised of materials made with state-of-the art technology. These materials will not only provide the SkyBridge Lofts with an outstanding and attractive modern look, but it will also contribute towards each loft’s energy efficiency, sustainability, and low maintenance, which translates into lower HOA fees.