City of Plano Parks Traffic Impact Analysis

Plano, Texas

Binkley & Barfield performed a traffic impact analysis for the reconstruction of park facilities that included: Carpenter Park (near the intersection of Coit Road and Spring Creek Parkway); Jack Carter Pool Park (near Spring Creek Parkway at Independence Parkway)

Project includes:
• Jack Carter Pool Park: Relocation and addition of soccer fields, relocation of a park maintenance facility and the closure of a neighborhood pool on one side of the park and construction of an aquatic park replacing soccer fields.
• Carpenter Park: Replacement of soccer fields with the addition of up to four soccer stadiums with seating of up to 500 for each stadium. Additional soccer fields were added throughout the site along with a skate park. Conducted traffic counts (turning movement counts) on a weekday and a Saturday (game day) during the expected peak hours of operation. A traffic impact analysis was conducted comparing existing traffic conditions to the proposed traffic conditions resulting from the improvements to both parks.  

A report was prepared for each park identifying existing and future traffic controls as well as recommendations that would be needed to mitigate increased traffic. These mitigation's included closing medians and left turn lanes, all way stop signs on park site and the installation of new traffic signals.