Victory Packaging Warehouse Development

Harris County, Texas

Landev Engineers provided civil engineering services for a 9-acre Victory Packaging Warehouse Development under the direction of Arch-Con Corporation. Landev Engineers provided a storm water pollution prevention plan to eliminate pollutant discharge from the site during construction. The 9-acre tract was located in the drainage area of a regional detention basin. A total of approximately 2,000 linear feet of storm sewer was installed to utilize the regional detention basin eliminating the requirement for on-site detention. A linear drainage channel was cut in the back of the property to also reduce the storm sewer requirement. The adjacent property had an electrical easement and a sanitary sewer force main easement restricting access to the offsite detention basin.  

Landev coordinated with the MUD District to lower the sanitary sewer force main and CenterPoint to relocate the electrical lines. On-site water and sanitary sewer was design and connected to the local MUD District. A plan and profile across Greens Crossing Blvd. was required to tap into the MUD district water system. An existing 7' by 6' storm sewer was located in the median crossing of Greens Crossing Blvd and required the contractor to bore underneath the structure. All grading was analyzed to minimize slopes within the truck courtyard while maximizing spacing between inlets to reduce the total number of inlets required.  A fire access loop was design for approval from the fire marshal. An existing 14" gas line was located on site within the proposed truck courtyard.  The depth of the pipeline was analyzed and the truck courtyard was design to meet the requirements of the pipeline owner.