Westheimer Streetscape Corridor Improvements

Houston, Texas


After completing the preliminary engineering report for the Westheimer Streetscape Corridor Improvements project, BBI along with Design Workshop were contracted by Westchase District to provide design, bidding and construction phase services for the final completion of the project. The 3.5 mile Westheimer Streetscape effort aims to embrace beautification, pedestrian and transit amenities, traffic and mobility, public safety, maintenance, branding and wayfinding/signage as a means to advance overall identity and to help promote economic development in order to recruit and retain business within the area.

The Westheimer Streetscape project extends from South Kirkwood Road to Westerland Drive. This TxDOT ROW carries an intense amount of automobile traffic and is a popular METRO bus route. Eight traffic lanes consume the majority of the ROW, leaving approximately eight to nine feet of potential pedestrian, transit, mobility and beautification improvements between the curb and edge of ROW, on each side of the street. A central median, ranging from six to twenty feet wide, is provided separating eastbound and westbound traffic, offering an opportunity for additional improvements.

While the overwhelming majority of land uses along the corridor are retail focused, multifamily, and office; education and single-family residential are present, suggesting that this corridor is diverse, evolving and has activity throughout the day. Beltway 8 and the Westheimer Streetscape area intersection experience over 200,000 vehicles per day, making this study area ideal for significant branding and beautification improvements.

The Westchase District streetscape projects are partially funded through the Houston-Galveston Area Council’s Transportation Improvement Program and are subject to the requirements of federally funded transportation projects. The BBI team is very knowledgeable of the requirements that come with federal funding.